Direct transformation of heat in electricity
Letter in New Energy News, May 1995, p.17-18

 St. Petersburg's inventor Tatiana Nikolaievna Verbitskaia  worked with non-linear capacitors from 1960. The term "varicond" is her word that is now the official note. In the past the variconds were used in the electronic systems for variation of oscillation frequency but now the semiconductor
 non-linear diodes are used. So, research work on variconds was decelerated. Before Zaev's paper, the application of variconds to produce excess power was not discussed. Now one can calculate how much power can be produced by a non-linear capacitor for certain frequency, capacity, and
voltage. The next stage of work is the research to discover the type of highly non-linear dielectric material which can demonstrate maximum difference between work of charge and work on discharge for capacitor. New technology is dependent on new material here.

I must note that non-linear ferrite material is more widely produced and it is easier to make the experiments for extraction of excess heat for magnetization-demagnetization process. There are different versions for utilization of "universal hysteresis curve" when the work of structuring/ordering (electric charging process, magnetization and so on) is less than the work of destructuring/disordering
(electric discharge, demagnetization ...).

Anyone have serious interest and financial possibility for development of this work, please contact Ms. Tatiana Verbitskaia directly by phone 7-812-5520083 (home), or 7-812-5529053 (her laboratory in St. Petersburg's Institute of Condensers). She can speak English.

Sincerely, /s/ Alexander V. Frolov

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