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Description of the book

Various ideas and technical solutions in the field of free energy supply will be presented.
The schemes and functional principles of free energy generators that are not dependent on fuels, solar energy and wind are considered here.
There are some constructive advices on experimental verification
The book can be useful for engineers and a wide range of readers interested in designing fuel-free energy systems.
This book has been published in Russia since 2011, in 2017 the ninth edition ISBN 978-5-7679-3858-2 was published by the Tula Polytechnic University.


Chapter 1 Our Goal
Chapter 2 Theory of fuel less power generators
Chapter 3 Gravity Can Do Work
Chapter 4 Centrifugal Force
Chapter 5 The Beginnings of Russian Electrical Engineering
Chapter 6 Tesla’s Experiments and Theory
Chapter 7 The work of the electric potential field
Chapter 8 Free Energy Generator by Kapanadze
Chapter 9 Resonance Processes
Chapter 10 Using Permanent Magnets
Chapter 11 Electromagnetic machines with very high efficiency
Chapter 12 Unipolar Machines
Chapter 13 Solid State Energy Converters
Chapter 14 Thermal Energy Converters
Chapter 15 Water and Hydrogen
Chapter 16 Plasma and Fusion
Chapter 17 Pulsing Photoelectric Effect in Power Engineering

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