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Description of the book

The book “New Aerospace Technologies” was published in Russia at first time in 2012, ISBN 978-5-7679-2224-6
and it was issued in new version with ISBN 978-5-7679-3883-4 in 2017
This interesting book presents various ways to create the movement of bodies, i.e. changes of position of an object in space - time.
The principles of active (non-reactive) propulsion drives are described in the book.
New methods do not require reactive mass ejection outside the vehicle.
Considering both mechanical or electromagnetic technologies, you will see Aether density gradient as reason of the propulsion force.
In the book we’ll consider electric propulsion (it is not ionization wind method) and some antigravitation experiments.
Here is presented original four-dimensional (4-D) theory to disclose chronal force technology.
This 4-D force can be used for practical needs to accelerate or decelerate any processes in some area of space.
In other words, this technology allow us to change rate (or speed) of existence of particles of matter in this area of space.
Experiments of the author prove his theory that is based on understanding of time rate as function of volumetric energy density in some area of space.
It is also new aerospace technology. Propulsion force here is result of Aether pressure gradient.
This force is base of new transport technology named as “warp drive” in English literature.
Interesting aspect is 4-D resonances of natural elements, described by the author as novelty and discovery.
Calculations are presented in the book.
The resonance effects in space-time are important part of teleportation technology, so some aspects of teleportation are considered here.
Important calculations on “light speed” value are based on original work of the author.
It was demonstrated with great mathematical accuracy the “light speed” is integer number that is confirmation of discrete quantum nature of our space-time structure.
It is important tool for any space-time engineering calculations.
The book is intended for engineering specialists and a wide range of readers interested to design a new type of aerospace propulsion system.

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