Published in New Energy News, June 1994, p.4

The Calculations of  Changes of Spatial Curvature for Free Energy Systems
 by A.V. Frolov

Thanks to Prof. M.T. Daniels, we have a simple answer to the question: What is changing "When a free energy system works and creates the power from "nothing?"

According to Daniels, the density of the gravitation field energy near the surface of our planet is equal to 5.74  x 1010 (T/m3)

Assume that any free energy system uses this form of  energy by means of transformation of natural curved space-time in uncurved flat space-time in the limit.
What is the real situation? If the system creates 100  Kw of power in load, this system decreases the natural  gravitation field energy density in that area of space-time around itself. This decrease is a function of 1/R2 where R is the distance from central point of free energy transformation. The value of this change for 100 KW power is equal to 0.001% of natural gravitation field energy value for R=1 m and for linear function 1/R. In real case of 1/R2 function this change is less at the same point.

 So, the changes of natural spatial curvature in the area  near the free energy machine is calculated by a similar method. It is necessary to use Daniels' density, factor of distance R at the point or calculation and the power of device.

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