The aether

Dear Dr. Evert,

I am agree and it can be also said that aether is multidimensional (complex many dimensions) notion. We can detect and see only some limited manifestations of aether, for example, matter particle or some electromagnetic waves that is local disturbance of the aether balance.

More simple view on nature of aether is to think that the aether is some gas of small particles and it is also true ideas.

I see that aether is all you can imagine and by this way we can conclude that the aether is universal creative multidimensional reality and you can produce object of any form by means of some aether modulation if your mind know how to make formating of some order in non-ordered aether.

It is very interesting direction of science.

best regards

Alexander V. Frolov

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Subject: Gravitation funktioniert anders - Gravity is different

> All subjects of physics show many open questions and phenomena. These problems are only to solve by general new approach: accepting existence
> of aether. As you know I take an extreme position: the aether is the unique existing substance, a real gapless continuum - and all other
> appearances are only special motion-pattern of aether within aether.
> By this view I analysed physical phenomena since several years. Last summer e.g. I published a  Aether-Modell of Atoms  - however chemists
> didn t suffer from enthusiasm-pandemy up to now ;-(  To the end of 2009 I had analysed some more  Normal and paranormal Appearances , up to
> construction and drive for Ufos - unfortunately no alien did send me confirmation-mail up to now ;-) probably however intuition for follow
> subject.
> Gravity still is a severe problem, in spite of Einstein s ideas. Much  too late he recognized the necessity of existence of particle-less
> aether. Otherwise he would have made the logic compelling conclusion:  if gravity-acceleration makes falling a light feather as fast as a heavy
> hammer - mass can not be source of gravity (and we would not be bothered with curved space-time).
> Indeed the motion-structure of aether between the atoms and within environment of celestial bodies is decisive, e.g. at earth between
> lithosphere and magnetosphere. This quite new definition of gravity is comprehensively discussed at new chapter  08.16. Nature of Gravity and
> Structure of Earth  ( ). That stuff is hard to read because many points of view contradict common understanding
> (gravity is no universe-wide constant, is affecting only local, specific for every celestial body, varying in time etc.). So it might be useful
> to print the 23 pages of file .
> Nevertheless I hope you got it: only the aether is swinging, nothing else. If you think these ideas at least are remarkable, please forward
> this mail. Your comments naturally are welcome.
> Best wishes.
> Fred Evert

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