Cold fusion start

I saw this information in Russian magazine for inventors "Izobretatel i Razionalizator" numer 1, 1995, page 8-9, "The fusion is coming but where is Kurtchatov?" by N.E.Zaev, Moscow. It seems to be true and at that case the cold fusion was started in Russia, in 1960.

The inventor Ivan Stepanovitch Filimonenko has 71 y. old now. In 1960 well- known people Igor Kurtchatov, Sergey Koroliov and Georgiy Jukov strived for including of Filimonenko's work in official state programm for scientific-technical progress in Soviet Union. The Decision of Council of Ministres and Communist Party Central Committee number 715/296 of 23.07.1960 order to develop the next strategic important principles for Filimonenko's technology:
- to produce energy;
- to produce motive force without reactive mass flow;
- to use it as protection from nuclear reaction radiation.

In 1962 Filimonenko got the patent paper number 717239/38 of 27 Jule 1962 "The Process and System for Thermo-emission". Main idea of Filimonenko's process is the electrolysis of heavy water. The absorption of deuterium take place in hard cathode ( palladium ) and it is the place for fusion reaction. This fusion is not "cold" but it is "warm" fusion because of it take place for 1000'C degrees. There are no neutron emission for this case. Filimonenko discovered new effect: when the system is in operation mode, the strange emission from this system change the time period of half-decay and it can supress any kind inducted radioactivity.

Let's note, small input electric power produce big thermo-power for this case and it is over-unity system. Instead of energy dispersion that is entropy process there is the energy concentration (syntropy) process. It is possible only if the curvature of space-time was changed, according to my Time Rate Control (TRC) theory. By this way, syntropy process produce antigravity effect and influence to inducted radioactivity.

All Filimonenko's works was stoped in 1968. Inventor got 6 years of prison to stop his activity against the nuclear programms. In 1989 and 1990 in Moscow area plant "Lutch" there were created two Filimonenko's reactors: the tubes of 0.7 m length and 0.041 m diameter. The palladium part is 9 gramm mass. Power is 12,5 Kwtts for one reactor.

What about 1989 "cold fusion news"... Really, there is nothing new in the world. But when it will be applied for industry needs?

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